There are various packaging bags for sellers, especially, online stores to ship their merchandise to the buyers. However, no matter what kinds of bags and packagings one is using, they must be able to deliver the goods to the buyers safely without any possible damage as well as at a reasonable cost. Below we depict some of the best packaging bags for shipping merchandise to customers.

Bubble mailers – Bubble mailers have a layer of bubble wrap padding that provides protection for small, fragile items. They are lightweight, water-resistant and inexpensive. However, they may not provide enough protection for heavier or oddly-shaped products.

Poly mailers – Poly mailers are made of durable polyethylene plastic. They are water-resistant and tamper-proof, providing basic protection during shipping. They come in a range of sizes, from small poly bags to large shipping bags. They are inexpensive but may not have enough cushioning for fragile items.

Layered mailers – Layered mailers have multiple plies of polyethylene, craft paper and bubble padding. They offer more protection than regular poly mailers. The layered, laminated construction is tear-proof and water-resistant. They provide moderate cushioning for most small to mid-size products.

Foil-lined mailers – Foil-lined mailers have an aluminized ply along with layers of polyethylene or craft paper. The foil helps insulate items from heat, light and moisture damage. They offer sturdy, tamper-proof protection for sensitive products and components. However, they tend to cost more than regular poly mailers.

Anti-static mailers – Anti-static mailers have a special coating that dissipates static charges. They are ideal for shipping electronic components and other static-sensitive items. The anti-static lining helps prevent damage from electrostatic discharge. They typically cost a bit more than regular mailers.

Zippered bags – Resealable zippered bags allow for easy opening and closing while still protecting the contents. Made of polyethylene, they are water-resistant and tamper-evident. The zippered design provides easy access to contents without needing to rip open the packaging. They come in a range of sizes for most shipping needs.

Shipping envelopes – Padded shipping envelopes offer lightweight protection for documents, books, and some flat items. They have a layer of cushioning, usually bubble wrap, and are made of craft paper or polyethylene. Shipping envelopes are an inexpensive option for basic shielding from impacts and the elements during shipping.

So depending on your product type and level of protection needed, there are several good options for packaging bags to ship your merchandise to customers. Choose bags that match the item size, provide adequate cushioning, are water-resistant, and are securely sealable.