For a really long time, most sellers will merely choose to have used cardboard boxes to ship their merchandises. For decades, this practice seems to become somehow the industry standard. However, as one of the most experienced suppliers of various packaging materials (our factory started in the year of 1966), we can see that poly mailers, or polymailers has become the top choices for many of our customers. Let’s explain to you why this is happening.

First of all, online shopping has become one of the everyday habits of all consumers. Nearly everything can be brought and shipped to the buyers. We can also see that not all merchandise are delicate and need to be bothered with extra space taking box. The rather lightweight and low-cost poly mailers permit sellers to send their products in a decently marked manner.

The advantages of using poly mailers
Poly mailers show a ton of advantages, to be sure, you might think about the accompanying:

– lower climate influence than cardboard (humidity, rain, extreme heat)
– Commonly less expensive to buy than kraft or folded transporting arrangements
– Weather conditions confirmation
– Extremely slim, so they occupy less extra space than boxes
– Solid and don’t get torn easily
– Reusable, contingent upon how they are planned
– Recyclable

Poly mailer – a rather low and modest cost in shipment
When would it be a good idea for you to select polymailers?
Poly mailers are great for clothing and other texture based products, as well as yarns and examples. They likewise function admirably for shoes and particular sorts of caps. We’ve seen them function admirably for boxed items that should be delivered in another, outside layer (for example a shoebox, a little toy or a gems box).

There are two things one has to consider:

Is my item delicate and relatively fragile that need extra protection, especially during shipment transit?

In the event that your response is yes, thus poly mailers won’t likely the right answer for you shipping solution. You presumably need to go with standard paper or cardboard boxes. Yet, if your product is not fragile at all, poly mailers could work for you. You probably only need to consider if a plain polymailer can suffice your shipping requirement or some further security and cushioning may be demanded. For example, some paper or bubble packaging.

Might the item at any point appropriately fit in the poly mailer?

The mailing station sorts and ships lots of bundles day to day, with a great deal of machining and filtering engaged with the cycle. An inadequately filled poly mailer with level spots can get found out in or misread by hardware. This can prompt mistakes, deferrals, harms or even re-visitations of source on the items you transport out.

While the polymailers are an incredible to adjust to the state of an item, you ought to deal with picking the right sizes. Not certain about the size you ought to take? You can undoubtedly test it as home by cutting and taping plastic packs, for example, trashbags so you can sort out what might be the ideal fit for your polymailers with no expense.

What’s in store from polymailers with regards to marking?
The extraordinary part from poly mailers separated from their light weight and cost is the marking an amazing open door! At, we can plan in details anything for you on the poly mailers’ design, features and more.

Simply you pick the basic size, thickness, pattern, printing of the plastic packagings and/or poly mailers, and we will customise and characterize your choice so it mirrors your image in a perfect manner.